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Beach And Beyond Carpet Cleaning Tile And Grout Cleaning sealing, and repair services. Ceramic tile being a non-porous surface is usually very easy to clean, the grout however can be a bit more challenging. We offer several different options in cleaning and sealing to restore & protect your Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach.

Tile & Grout Cleaning – SEALING INCLUDED!
Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach services includes a high alkaline (degrease) pre-treatment applied to your ceramic tile and grout. We then power-scrub your ceramic tile and grout with our industrial floor machines. We then rinse your ceramic floor with our high pressure & suction equipment to blast away the dirt and grime and pump it out to our tanks to haul away. We then dry mop your ceramic floor. Next we apply a clear seal to your grout lines. Finally, we set up fans so your floor will be completely dry before we leave from your Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach.

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Regular Price: $0.55 Cents per sq/ft

This month special take 50% off on 500 sq/ft or more!

Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach

Sometimes after a Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach some stains and discoloration remains in the grout lines of your ceramic floor. This can happen because grout is porous and if it has not been sealed consistently during its life dirt, oil, etc. can soak into the pores and stain the top layer of the grout. An acid wash etches the top layer of the grout exposing new fresh grout. This Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach service must be proceeded by our tile and grout cleaning service as the floor must be decreased prior to an acid wash services.

Regular Price: $0.45 cents per sq/ft (this service requires tile & grout cleaning service prior)

This month Acid washes are only 25 cents per sq/ft on 500 sq/ft or more!

Color sealing – CLEANING INCLUDED!
This service is by far the most exciting thing you can do to put the ultimate protective barrier on your grout and also will give you the “WOW” effect by totaling changing the overall look of your floor. We use an Urethane acrylic stain seal that puts a 15 year bullet proof barrier on your grout. Not only does it give you the ultimate in protection but it also colorizes your grout to any color you chose, giving you a brand new looking floor that will be easy to maintain for years to come. This service also includes cleaning your tile and grout prior to the color seal application service.

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