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Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach

Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach is an essential necessity for everyone. Sleeping is supposed to an enjoyable experience. Who wants to go to sleep at night and worry about the possible particles, organisms and insects that could be embedded in their mattress. Here at Beach and Beyond, we want for all of our customers to have a restful and worry free sleeping experience. Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach , That is why we provide the best mattress cleaning service in the Hampton Roads area. You can be rest assured knowing that you will be sleeping on a clean mattress thanks to Beach and Beyond.

Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach


Mattress Cleaning  Virginia Beach Tips

Although it is good to get your mattress professional cleaned occasionally, there are many ways that you can keep your mattress clean yourself. Here are some ways that you can keep your mattress clean and allergen free.


1. A major part of good mattress care is having a sturdy foundation below and around it, a good bed frame and good box springs. It is best to buy the mattress and the box springs together. Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach , This is because when you by them together, you can be sure that they fit, and will work together in an effective way. It is also very important to note, that if you have a larger size bed such as a queen or king, it is essential that you support the middle of the bed with wide slats.

2. An important way of making sure your mattress stays in good condition is by rotating it on a seasonal basis. Seasonal rotation of your mattress can help prevent  what is called “sleeping wallows”. Sleeping wallows are caused by constantly sleeping in the same spot every night.

3. Another way to prevent “sleeping wallows” are by flipping your mattress on a seasonal basis as well. This only applies to mattress that are able to be flipped. Some types of mattresses , such as, pillow top mattress, can not be flipped because it is only one sided.

Mattress Cleaning

4. Spills and accidents can take a toll on a mattress and its life expectancy. In oder to protect your mattress from these accidents and spills, use mattress pads. When a spill or accident occurs, the mattress bad will absorb it before it reaches the actual mattress.

5. Kids often enjoy jumping and playing on mattresses. Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach , Unfortunately, jumping up and down on mattresses can not only slowly destroy your mattress, but it can also take a toll on your bed frames and box springs. Discouraging your kids to jump on the bed will add years to the life of your bed.

6. Vacuuming your mattress on a regular basis keeps your mattress clean and allergen free. Vacuum the surface and sides of your mattress, without the bedding. By doing this, you will be removing dead skin, dust, and possible bed bugs.

Mattress Cleaning

7.  Sometimes, no matter how much precaution you take, stains still occur. Knowing how to clean a mattress is very important.  In the case of a stain on your mattress, use a best upholstery cleaner shampoo.Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach,  If you don’t have access to an upholstery shampoo, you can create something called “dry suds”. You an create this by putting 1/4 cup of dishwashing detergent in a mixing bowl. Turn on the mixer, then add a couple teaspoons of water. You will then see a bowl filled with foam. Take the foam and apply it to the stain with a small brush. Then leave the mattress to dry.

8. When left unwashed, comforters, pillow cases,  and blankets, can attract unwanted dust mites and particles. Deep cleaning house items like this can help prevent things like this from happening. Wash your comforters and blankets on a regular basis.

9. Washing your bedding regularly, is extremely important. But what is equally important is the temperature of the water you wash it in. Bedding should be washed in 130 degree F. This is because, that is the temperature required to kill all living creatures that could be prevalent on your bedding.

Mattress Cleaning

10. Potted houseplants are lovely to look at, but they can often bring dust, insects, and pollen into your bedroom. Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach,  In order to prevent these particles from appearing on your bed, remove all potted plants from your bedroom.

11. Dust mites thrive in warm weather. That is why spring house cleaning tips are very important. Spring is an excellent time to catch the dust mites before they catch you. Dusting and vacuuming will clear your house of pesky dust mites.

12.  Pets can be an excellent addition to any household. But unfortunately, household pets can create dander. Pet dander can be an allergen for many people. Pet dander can also promote the creation for dust mites. In order to reduce the amount of allergens in your bedroom, limit your pets activity in your bedroom.

Problems Associated with Indoor Air Pollution

We recommend clicking here to schedule a cleaning at least Twice A Year as a best practice for health considerations due to the problems associated with indoor air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has listed Indoor Air Pollution as one of the top 5 environmental health risks.

  • Molds are fungi that love moist, damp living spots. Mattress Cleaning Virginia Beach ,  Unfortunately, this often means your carpet is a potential haven for these unwanted guests. Wet spots, left unchecked, whether on carpet, tile, or somewhere else in the house, can be home to a variety of types of molds that can cause allergic reactions and even poisoning. Obviously, this is a serious concern that warrants experienced cleaners. At Beach & Beyond Stain Removal we can take care of this issue for your home or office.
  • Pollen may also incur bouts of sneezing along with other adverse reactions. Pollen is usually tracked into the house by its inhabitants’ shoes and clothing.
  • Tobacco smoke may accumulate on the furniture and other areas of your house. Tobacco smoke has known carcinogens and, besides just the awful odor, is potentially deadly to humans.
  • A house’s building materials may also contribute to unhealthy living, including things like asbestos.


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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning is a job for professionals who know the different materials and fabrics included in upholstery. Our multi-stage cleaning process removes contaminants, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner home.

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