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Fabric Stain Protection Virginia Beach


Fabric stain protection is a must when it comes to keeping your fabrics looking clean and brand new. It is so easy to stain your various fabrics with liquids or food. It is especially easy for fabrics to stain in a busy household. Well here at Beach and Beyond, we find it necessary to make sure that your fabrics stay looking the way there were meant to look: clean and stain free. That is why, we offer the best fabric stain protection Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads area. So always remember, if you are looking for fabric stain protection for the various fabrics in your household, you know who to call, Beach and Beyond.

Fabric Stain Protection Virginia Beach

What is Fabric Stain Protection?

Fabric stain protection Virginia Beach is a service that is often provided  by professional carpet and fabric cleaners. Stain protection is used to prolong the life of your fabrics by making it resistant to stains and soils. It does this by repelling the liquids and stains by pushing the liquid away from the fibers. This causes the liquids to “bead up”, as shown in the picture below. Good stain protection does this while not altering the feel or look of the fabrics. Fabric stain protection Virginia Beach can also be used at home. An example of this would be scotchguard stain protector. Stain protection can be used on anything from rugs, sofas, seats, and floor mats, to clothing such as blouses, polos, skirts, silk ties, dresses, suit jackets, suit pants and hats. It can also be used on slip covers, table linens, chair fabric, upholstered furniture, throw pillows and curtains.

Fabric stain protection

Types of Stain Protection

Why is fabric stain protection Virginia Beach important?

When comparing and contrasting different kinds of fabric protection options, there are a few important things to keep in mind. One of those things is that many manufactures do not want to divulge the contents of there carpet and fabric protectors. Therefore, some of these manufacturers are known to use various cross-linked catch phrases such as, hydrocarbon, aliphatic, polymer, co-polymer, chlorinated. These words can be very misleading and confusing when trying to understand the different types of fabric stain protection. In actuality, there are 3 main types of fabric stain protectors that are widely used. They are:

1. Fluorine chemicals

2. Colloidal Silica

3. Silicone


Fabric stain protection


Fluorochemicals are a type of protection agent that are used in fabric stain protection Virginia Beach formulas. It forms a protective covering on the fibers of the carpets. This hinders dirt , stains and soils, from soaking into the carpet and or fabric fibers. Fluorochemicals have very unique characteristics. Some examples of these characteristics are that they are extremely resistant to dry soil as well as wet soil. They are also very resistant to oil and water-based liquids. When soil and dirt appear on fluorochemically – treated fabrics, it remains on top of the fibers instead of being absorbed into the fibers. This allows the soil and dirt to be easily vacuumed away.

How does fluorochemicals work?

There are two ways that fluorochemicals work. First it is applied to all of the carpet. It reaches the depths of the fiber when it is applied properly. This allows for it to repel stains and dirt from the top of the fiber to the base of the fiber. The stain resistant spray does this by  creating a high amount of surface tension. The high levels of surface tension is caused by electrical charges that cause the particles to stay on top of the fibers of the fabric. Surface tension can be broken if the liquid is dropped from a high distance. The force of the liquid can cause it to break through the surface tension. Fluorochemicals are often considered the best protector for furniture.


Fabric stain protection

 Collodial Silca

Collodial Silca is the oldest form of fabric protection. It was introduced in the 1950’s.  Although it is the oldest, it is not necessarily the most effective and reliable. Its effectiveness and overall reliability is in question for to main reasons. The first is because of its limited time periods of good dry soil protection. The second reason is because it has virtually no water or or oil based protection. It also has causes the fabric to become dull and change in texture and feel. Therefore, the only advantageous aspect of using collodial silca, is that it is very low in cost.

How does collodial silca work?

Collodial silca is usually sold in concentrated forms. In the concentrated forms of collodial, it is usually diluted with water, then used on the desired fabric. . After it is diluted, they become safe and non toxic on surfaces and fabrics. Also, it is important to note that collodial should not be used on stain resistant carpets, fabrics or surfaces.


fabric stain protection



Silicone Fabric Treatment

The use of silicone fabric treatments, where first applied to parkas and raincoats in order to make them water resistant. This proved to be a successful product because it provided breathability to the fabric, while also allowing it to be an excellent water proofing spray. This is actually the only real value and feature of silicone. Because, although silicone is a wonderful repellent for water, it is not as effective when it comes to oil based substances.  They have zero resistance to these substances. In fact, the occasionally can attract soil and dirt to some surfaces, making them appear dirtier than they actually are.

How does silicone fabric treatment work?

Silicone are created in what is called “organic solvents”. This means that the are highly flammable and sometimes produces an unwanted odor. Because of this fact, it is important the silicone stain products are only used in ventilated areas. It is also important they are used away from open flames and gasoline.

Silicone products can be a welcome alternative to fluorochemical products when concerning cost. Silicone products are often half the price of flurochemical products. But it is also important to consider that silicone is much more limited in its effectiveness when compared to fluorochemiclas.


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Upholstery Cleaning is a job for professionals who know the different materials and fabrics included in upholstery. Our multi-stage cleaning process removes contaminants, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner home.

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