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Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach


In the home, sofas are probably one of the most used items. With so much activity that occurs in the home, the couch is where the entire family can relax and enjoy each others company. This also means that sofa’s can be easily exposed to crumbs and stains. That is why it is very important to get regular professional couch cleaning. Here at Beach and Beyond, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best couch cleaning  Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads area. When it comes to your the cleanliness of your couch you can trust Beach and Beyond.

Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach

couch cleaning


How to Clean A Couch

Although, occasional professional couch cleaning Virginia Beach is very important, it also good to clean your couch your self on a regular basis. This is  important because there are many allergens and dust particles that can appear on an unclean sofa. Here are some tips on how to clean your couch.

1. The first step in cleaning your sofa is identifying the material. Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach , There are various materials that sofas can be made out of and each of these materials must be cleaned differently. In order to figure out the material of your couch, you must first locate the fabric tag. Normally, couch manufacturers use some type of code in order to indicate how to clean the furniture.

“W” : means that the fabric can be cleaned using a detergent that is water based

“S” : means that the material must be dry cleaned or cleaned with a detergent that is water free

“WS” : means that it can be cleaned with a water based detergent or dry cleaned

“X” : means that it should only be cleaned by vacuuming or by a professional dry cleaning service

“O” : means that the material is made out of organic and natural fibers and Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach  , therefore must be washed in cold water only

2. The second step in cleaning your sofa will be purchasing the the correct cleaner that is suitable for the material of your couch. That means, that you would either choose upholstery dry cleaner solution,  Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach  , leather cleaner and conditioner, or upholstery detergent that is water based.

3. Step number three, is brush of any loose particles or dirt from your sofa with a soft brush. The dirtier the area of your couch, the more attention that it will need.

4. The fourth step, is remove all loose particles that have not already been removed by the brush, with a vacuum that has a brush attachment. Remove the cushions, and vacuum underneath the seat. You can then lift the couch and vacuum the bottom of the sofa.

couch cleaning


How to Clean Leather Furniture

Cleaning leather furniture is a relatively easy process. Couch Cleaning Virginia Beach  ,Leather furniture can last for many years, as long as its maintained and properly cared for on a daily basis.

Here are some essential tips when first trying to figure out how to approach cleaning your leather furniture.

– Test your leather cleaner in a place on your couch that can not be seen. This is important, because if you realize that your method isn’t the best, the mark will be in a place that can not be seen.

– Clean your sofa using the most gentlest method possible at first

– If your realize that the stain is especially difficult to remove, hire a professional

– Always wipe the soiled spot, never scrub. Scrubbing, when cleaning leather furniture will cause it to scar

– Never use chemicals such as, abrasive detergents, alcohol, or strong cleaners to clean your leather furniture. These chemicals could possible cause damage that can not be reversed. It’s always important to remember, that when you are cleaning leather, the more gentle you are the better.


couch cleaning

Everyday Care for Leather Furniture

– Vacuum your leather sofa regularly

– Wipe down your leather with a soft cloth. It is best to use a white cloth because other colored clothes might accidentally put unwanted colors and dyes on your sofa

– A damp soft cloth can be used to remove dirt and particles from your leather sofa. But make sure that the cloth you are using is just damp and not completely saturated


Why Call for Professional Cleaning?

Every so often, you may notice a spot on your upholstery and try to clean it using household upholstery cleaner! It’s quick, it’s easy and most of the time, it’s pretty effective to cover up those noticeable stains on your furniture. But what do you do when you can’t remove a stain with your usual upholstery cleaner? You may think that it might be time to invest in a bit more than a household cloth and spray bottle. Though, even if you do clean enough to not see any visible stains, does that really mean your upholstery is clean? Not necessarily.

Children, pets, and every day wear and tear do a number on your upholstery. Are you tired of having to cover up those juice stains with accent pillows and throws? Or what about that odor you just can’t seem to locate? Don’t give up hope! We are a professional couch cleaning Virginia Beach service company based in Hampton Roads with years of experience cleaning all types of upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning is a job for professionals who know the different materials and fabrics included in upholstery. Our multi-stage cleaning process removes contaminants, leaving you with a fresher and cleaner home.

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