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 Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach

Travertine Tile is a wonderful choice for garden pathways, outdoor patios and much more. It is a natural stone that is used mostly in modern architecture. Although it is a great tile that can be very versatile, travertine tile that is not routinely cleaned on a regular basis, can gather dirt, dust and stains.  Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach ,Overtime, it can also become discolored and old looking. In order to keep your travertine flooring, pathways and patios looking clean and new, it should be professionally cleaned. And here at Beach and Beyond, we can be trusted with the cleaning of your travertine tile. You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best travertine tile cleaning in the Hampton Roads area.

Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach


Travertine Tile Cleaning

What is Travertine Tile?

Travertine tile is made out of travertine stone. Travertine stone is a type of limestone that is formed in hot mineral springs. It has a fibrous exterior with a variety of colors. Examples of travertine stone colors are white, rust, tan, and cream. The travertine stone is formed in the opening of a hot spring or a limestone cave.  Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach . The process of its formation is called rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate. In Italy, Travertine stones are frequently used as building materials.

Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine Stone Cleaning Tips

When cleaning travertine stone, it is important  to know what type of finished is used on it. For example, if a tumbled or honed finish is used on the stone, then there is a greater chance of staining. Honed or tumbled finishing used on travertine stone causes it to be a bit sensitive to liquids that are acidic. Examples of these acidic liquids would be wine, juice as well as coffee. On the other hand, travertine that is polished is basically stain resistant.

1. Cleanup Spills Immediately

Travertine stone is very sensitive to spilled liquids.  You can prevent permanent stains by quickly cleaning what was spilled. By doing this, you are not allowing the beverages to permanently stain your travertine floors and countertops. Cleaning products that should not be used to clean travertine tile is orange and lemon cleansers, vinegar, ammonia bleach or other store bought household cleansing agents.

2. Sealed Stone

Travertine stone that is sealed, can help prevent the permanent stains of cranberry juice,  Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach ,red wine or any other acidic and aggressive liquids.  This is especially relevant when the travertine has a tumbled or honed finished.

3. Regularly Dust & Clean

Regularly dusting travertine will keep it looking new and clean. Travertine tile should be dry dusted on a regular basis. It can also be mopped using hot water on a weekly basis. Vacuuming travertine floors would not be a good idea because they can cause chipping and scratching.

4. Poultice Solution

There are some stains that appear on travertine stone that cannot be removed by everyday household cleaners. When this is the case, poultice solution can often help. Poultice can be created by combing baking powder and stone cleaner. Pour the solution over the stain, then cover with plastic wrap. Leave the solution on the stone for a couple of days. After a while you will see the solution slowly draining the color out of the stain.


Travertine Tile Cleaning


5. Cover & Protect

There are various ways that you can protect your travertine floors. Examples of this would be carpet covers and door mats. Using these protective coverings will not only reduce the amount of dirt ant dust on your floors, but it will also prolong the life of your floor by protecting it from daily wear and tear. A way to protect travertine countertops would be by using coasters. Coasters prevent the permanent stains of liquids. Products such as cologne, perfume, acidic drinks  and other harsh liquids can permanently damage travertine tiles.

6. Deep Stains

Sometimes, stains on the travertine stone that are left untouched, can be very difficult to remove with household floor cleaners . These serious stains can be removed with the help of a more powerful cleansing agent.  Travertine Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach .An example of a more powerful cleansing agent would be alkaline cleaner. Alkaline cleaner can be found in stone and tile stores. And although alkaline cleanse is quite effective, it should be considered the last resort when comes to travertine stone.

7. Ask a Professional

Asking a travertine stone expert about the  limitations and abilities of travertine, is always a good thing. This is because, the experts will be able to explain to you the regular uses of the travertine stone, and what it is best used for. Some good uses of travertine stone, would be for dining room areas, bathrooms and kitchens.

How We Will Clean Your Travertine Floors

Beach & Beyond Carpet Care uses a state-of-the-art high-pressure rotary tool with dual rotating jets for tile cleaning to eradicate dirt and grime and have your tile and grout cleaner Virginia Beach looking like new. This is combined with our truck-mounted tile cleaning Virginia beach  system that we use for carpet cleaning, using those same principles and applying them to your floor cleaning. Using these professional tools and know-how, we are able to clean an average size room, about 300 sq. ft., in 30 – 60 minutes. We advise applying new sealant around the existing grout when we have finished the tile cleaning process. This will help create a protective barrier which is easier for the average homeowner to clean in most cases than the pre-existing grout was.


Tile Cleaning

Make Your Tile Shine!

Beach & Beyond cleans counter tops, bathrooms floors, kitchens floors and outdoor patios! Clean tile is a beautiful surface with a number of versatile uses. It lasts long, it looks nice, and it is durable. These qualities make tile perfect for any home. But for all of these advantages, dirt and grime will build up in the pores over time.

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