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 Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach


Tile flooring can really boost a home’s elegance and comfort. There is nothing like walking into a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor patio, and see clean and shiny tiles on the floors and counter tops. But unfortunately, the downside to having tile in your home is that it has a tendency to accumulate dirt, grime and mold overtime. Nobody wants to have their kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor patios covered with mold and grime. Well, thats where we come in. Here at Beach and Beyond, we know how to clean grout on tile floor and other surfaces. We also believe in providing you with the best Tile and Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach in the Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Norfolk areas. We will clean and restore your tile until it looks like it did when you first got them installed.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach


Tile and grout can add to any room in your home. But once they get dirty, they can do the exact opposite. And that is detract from your home. The rooms in the house that are most likely to have tile are the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen, filth can accumulate very quickly.  Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach. This is mainly because of the constant cooking that normally happens in a kitchen. The bathroom is another area that, if not attended to on a regular basis, can accumulate a lot of dirt and mold. Not only can mold, dirt and grime detract from your tile and make it look discolored and old, but it can also pose various health risks as well.


Tile And Grout Cleaning


Luckily, there are many ways to prevent such mold build ups on your tile and grout. One of those ways, is by routinely cleaning them. When your tile and grout are  not regularly cleaned, it allows various mold and grime to accumulate over time. The longer the tile is left not cleaned, the harder it is to remove the dirt and grime.  Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach. This is because stains, mold and dirt are harder to remove once they have remained on the tile and grout for a long period of time.

When you discover, that the dirt, grime and mold that are on your tiles are not being removed as easily as you thought they would, that is when professional help is required. Here at Beach and Beyond, we have a variety of effective cleaning solutions, and equipment that will remove those stains for you as well as sanitize the area. We remove the grime build up that the household floor cleaning products cannot. No matter how large or small your cleaning area is, we will get the job done for you  and have you clean tile grout in no time.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

Getting your tile and grout cleaner Virginia Beach professionally cleaned will make your room look spotless and pristine. it will add a certain shine and light to the area that might not have been present before.  Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach .When tiles are properly taken care of on a regular basis, it can completely change the entire look of a room. It will make what was previously a dull and boring kitchen, into a clean and spotless place to enjoy quality time with your family. It will turn what was before, regular old bathroom into a bright and pristine bathroom. Professionally cleaned tile will bring an overall clean look to your home. It will add to your comfort and put you at ease.



Tile And Grout Cleaning


Mold can not only make your tile look old and discolored, but it can also cause many health risks. Some examples of those health risks are upper respiratory distress, asthma, weakened immune system, dizziness, Tile And Grout Cleaning Virginia Beach,  flu like symptoms, and skin rashes. This makes it all the more important to make sure that mold is not present on your tile and grout. Here are some helpful tips to prevent the accumulation of mold.

1. Sunlight. Mold mostly forms on moist surfaces. Mold is also most likely to form in warm and dark corners and crevices. So, in order to prevent the formation of mold, it wold help to open up a window in order to let some light into the desired area.

2. Fresh Air. Fresh air can help air out a room with tile floor cleaners. Seeing as though mold  thrives in warm areas, cooling out a room with tile and grout will help reduce the chance of mold.

3. Humidity Control. Keeping your humidity levels under 60% will definitely aid in preventing mold. The ideal humidity level for a room with tile is 30%-50%.

4. Towel Dry Surfaces. Removing moisture from the ceilings, walls, and floors will help dry the mentioned surfaces and help reduce the accumulation of mold.

5. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products. Extremely harsh cleaning products have the tendency to cause tile and grout surfaces to wear out faster. Worn out surfaces have a higher chance of being the home of mold growth.

6. Removing Products Around Bathtubs and Sinks. Body wash, soap, razors, shaving gel, toys, sponges, wash cloths and toys can be breeding grounds for mold and mold spores. This is mainly because these items are often in constant use and have various corners and places for mold to grow.

7. Clean Tile and Grout Areas Regularly. Regular surface and floor cleaning, reduces the chance of mold growth.


Tile And Grout Cleaning


How Beach And Beyond Will Clean Your Tile And Grout

Beach & Beyond professional carpet cleaners Chesapeake Va uses a state-of-the-art high-pressure rotary tool with dual rotating jets for tile cleaning to eradicate dirt and grime and have your tile and grout looking like new. This is combined with our truck-mounted tile cleaning system that we use for carpet cleaning, using those same principles and applying them to your tile cleaning. Using these professional tools and know-how, we are able to clean an average size room, about 300 sq. ft., in 30 – 60 minutes. We advise applying new sealant around the existing grout when we have finished the tile cleaning process. This will help create a protective barrier which is easier for the average homeowner to clean in most cases than the pre-existing grout was.



Tile Cleaning

Make Your Tile Shine!

Beach & Beyond cleans counter tops, bathrooms floors, kitchens floors and outdoor patios! Clean tile is a beautiful surface with a number of versatile uses. It lasts long, it looks nice, and it is durable. These qualities make tile perfect for any home. But for all of these advantages, dirt and grime will build up in the pores over time.

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