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Marble Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach

  • Marble Tiles are a very natural and unique. They can add to almost every room. Whether it is marble flooring or marble counter tops, they are a wonderful addition to any room in the house.
  • That is why, it is all the more important to make sure that your marble floors and counter tops are in pristine condition.
  • Here at Beach and Beyond Carpet Care , we believe in providing our customers with the best marble tile cleaning Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads area. We don’t cut corners when comes to your tile floors and counter tops. So always remember, if you are need of marble tile cleaning of any kind, call Beach and Beyond today!

Marble Tile Cleaning

Marble Tiles And Porcelain Tile Cleaning Tips


Natural stones like marble , porcelain , travertine, and slate range very much in pricing are different , but when it comes to cleaning and maintenance they are very similar here are some helpful tips on how to clean porcelain tile floors.

Marble Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach

  1. Using a low level ph solution like vinegar and balking soda will prevent from bleaching and of the surfaces you are cleaning , and is a very earth friendly and non toxic cleaning solution and homemade grout cleaner .
  2. Mix solution about 1 oz of each to 1 gallon of water . Marble Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach Lightly mop the surface area with warm water (surface may become slippery so be cautious).
  3. Spread your solution around on a small portion of area you want to clean , and start scrubbing ! A medium hard bristle brush or floor scrubber should be fine for non-high gloss surfaces.
  4. With-in a few minuets you should start seeing a difference  and dirt and grime starting to lift.
  5. When it comes to the grout lines a small hard bristle should do the trick.
  6. Use a dry cotton cloth to dry the hard surfaces should be just fine , use a small fan to expedient the process.
  7. If and only if you are satisfied with the outcome of your cleaning area is 100 percent dry, you may seal the area with a store bought sealer but use the manufactures directions.


Marble Tile Cleaning


Marble Tile Cleaning



Marble tiles and porcelain tiles has various similarities as well as differences.

Marble tiles have a very unique and natural look. When it comes to cleaning your hard surfaces in Virginia beach  you will need to do some homework ! Marble tiles are nowhere as porous as porcelain tiles .

So by nature they are much easier to clean and maintain to keep clean.

But, they are usually quite a bit more expensive. Marble Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach , Marble is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, carved from large pieces then machined down it is cut into slabs or pieces then polished to a high gloss finish in factories .

Marble tiles are extremely dense and hard.  Where as porcelain is made from natural clay, sand and water and is much more susceptible to damage , scratches and breakage .


porcelain tile

Cost of Marble Tiles over Porcelain

On average Marble Tile cost about $1.79 to $4.99  Per Square Foot or Sq Ft But always keep in mind you get what you pay for ! Higher quality is thicker 20mm – 25mm

On average Porcelain Tile cost about .79¢ to $4.99 Per Square Foot or Sq Ft But once again , always keep in mind you get what you pay for ! Higher quality is thicker 20mm – 25mm

Installation differs on a lot of different factors, amount , area, interior , exterior, what kind of floor it is going on , concrete you can usually go straight down on but any kind of other material

like wood you are going to need some kind of backing board ,their are many different types, if you trust your installer than he will choose one , if you are a dyi (do it yourself) go down to your local hardware

or construction store and tell them what kind of surface you are covering .Marble Tile Cleaning Virginia Beach.


Tile Cleaning

Make Your Tile Shine!

Beach & Beyond cleans counter tops, bathrooms floors, kitchens floors and outdoor patios! Clean tile is a beautiful surface with a number of versatile uses. It lasts long, it looks nice, and it is durable. These qualities make tile perfect for any home. But for all of these advantages, dirt and grime will build up in the pores over time.

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