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Smoke Damage Virginia Beach


Smoke damage Virginia Beach can be one of the most annoying types of hazard to your home. The odor is annoying and the soot that builds up on your walls and belongings can take forever to clean. With fire damage done to your home it’s best to figure out what type of smoke damage Virginia Beach is done and hire the best professionals to come clean it. There are many different types of smoke damage:

Smoke Damage Virginia Beach

  • Wet Smoke Residue – Results from fires with low heat. The residue is sticky, smears and has a bad odor.
  • Dry Smoke Residue – Results from a fire that burns fast at a high temperatures. The residues is often dry, doesn’t smear, and powdery
  • Protein Residue – Protein residue is not visible but discolors paint.  It has a extreme pungent smoke odor.
  • Fuel Oil Soot – Fuel oil soot is the result of a furnace
  • Other Types of Residues – fire extinguishers leave a residue that needs to be cleaned up as well.


When the fire burns and releases smoke it rises and fills in all the gaps in your apartment or home. Until a professional gets to your home you can close all windows and doors and open one which will create an exhaust flow. This will push clean air into the room and remove bad smoke filled air. Once that room has vented for a while close that one and the door and open the next one in the next room. This will target each room and help with some of the smoke smell removal.

Beach and Beyond Carpet Care and Restoration is a fire restoration company that offers professional cleaning for smoke damage. As soon as the proper authorities say the structure is safe, we can go to work to make your home and belongings clean and smoke free once again. Sometimes the steps to put the fire out can cause more damage than just the fire alone. For this reason the smoke removal cleanup involves fire, smoke, and water damage. Some things to not do once damage is done is try and perform the smoke damage Virginia Beach cleaning yourself. Don’t eat any food that was affected by the smoke. Don’t move or sit on furniture affected by the smoke. Don’t turn on your AC or furnace. And stay away from possible affected electronics such as TV’s and stoves.

When smoke damage Virginia Beach is done to your home, call the professionals at Beach Carpet Care and Restoration to professionally clean and restore your home!


Smoke Damage


Water Damage Restoration

 What is water damage? Simply put, it’s when water enters into buildings and becomes trapped. Water damage is a serious risk to your health. Untreated areas lead to dangerous amounts of mold. The longer you wait for treatment the higher the health risks become. Left untreated, you will need to hire a team of professionals to perform mold remediation before your home or business is habitable again.

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