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Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

  • Warmth and Comfort- Carpet has thermal properties which allow it to retain heat in colder seasons. Carpet, and the padding which goes underneath the carpet, provides comfort and fun for the whole family. Imagine how unmerciful cold wooden floors would be on someone with a bad back, for example. A carpet’s thermal properties may lessen if has been subject to much wear and tear. Beach & Beyond is the trusted name in carpet cleaning Virginia Beach, or anywhere else in Hampton Roads.
  • Beauty and Fashion- Carpets allow the homeowner to customize their living areas, by using fashionable new patterns that attract a guest’s eye, or in the case of neutral colors, can make a room seem bigger than it actually is.
  • Safety- An often overlooked feature of carpets in the home or office is its ability to prevent slips and falls. On hardwood floors, there is a much higher rate of liquids on your floor causing family members and guests to plunge into the ground. Also, if a fall does occur, the Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach will soften the blow. This may even prevent a lawsuit, especially in cases where businesses opt to carpet their floors. Little children and the elderly are especially at risk of falling.
  • Provides Cleaner Air- Carpeting actually absorbs many unwanted airborne particles, such as pollen and smoke, making your home or business a little safer and much more cleanly.
  • Reduces Noise- Modern-day sound systems are getting louder and louder. Carpet, and especially the padding underneath, prevents much of this noise from spreading to other areas of the house, where another family member is, for example, trying to read in quiet. This is especially true for those living in apartment units, where the Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach can prevent sounds from adjacent units.

Carpet is a great choice for first-time home buyers, retirees and families with kids and pets alike. If properly maintained, a beautiful carpet can grace your home‘s family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways for many years to come. The benefits of having carpet in the home are myriad:

Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

The Negative Aspects of Carpet in the Home

The benefits of carpeting are well-known; comfort, ambiance, fashion, ability, and, sometimes, protection against falls. Besides you, though, there are plenty of other organisms that love your new Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach as much as you do. Mold, pollen, dust, carpet beetles and pesticides also make their home in your comfy new carpet. At a certain point, moths can even turn your lovely carpet into lunch! Besides these unwanted guests, other threats loom. These include pet urine, wine, grape juice, food stains, paint, bleach, and others. Basically, anything you bring into a carpeted area is at risk of becoming a stain.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach by Beach & Beyond Carpet Care Virginia Beach is where your worries end and a clean carpet begins! Our hot water extraction method takes care of all your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach care needs. Take a look at how detailed our carpet cleaning is below:

Carpet Cleaning

Daily wear and tear, spills, and stains can lead to permanent damage of carpets. Not having clean carpets increases allergens in your home and office. Carpets also trap dirt, dust, and pet dander. We would like to be your premier Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach company. We’ll transform your carpets giving your home or office that fresh new appearance. We will make sure that your carpets are thoroughly clean down to the padding underneath. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the work we do! We achieve that deep clean with heavy extraction. The end result of our proven hot water extraction method?

  • Residentially, it means that you and your family can enjoy the rooms of your home more, knowing that your carpets are clean and soft.
  • Commercially, it could mean more business, as customers validate your professionalism through your clean place of business.

This method cleans highly soiled traffic areas and restores your carpet to that fresh, new look!What is hot water extraction and how does it work?

Hot Water Extraction-For the Deepest Carpet Cleaning Possible

The phrase “steam cleaning” is actually a misnomer. No steam is used for carpet cleaning Virginia Beach cleaning purposes, though some steam may escape in the cleaning process. Hot water and a cocktail of cleaning agents are thrust into the carpet at high pressure, loosening up debris, dirt and grime. Almost simultaneously, a high-powered vacuum removes the hot water, and the debris, dirt and grime along with it.

For this high-quality cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach professionals use high-powered truck-mounted machines. Don’t be fooled; carpet machines that you can rent yourself at a grocery store provide no where near the amount of cleanliness that the experts can provide. Equally as important as a clean carpet is a dry carpet. Hot water extraction from a truck mounted system also does a magnificent job of drying the carpet. Damp carpets can bring mold and other kinds of headaches to your home. Take a look at this graph to get an idea of just how powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines are versus consumer cleaning and rental-machine cleaning:

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Graph

 Our Scientifically Formulated Pre-Spray Chemicals

The enzymes in our scientific pre-spray chemicals help break down complex substances, especially those found in complicated stains such as blood and grass stains. These enzymes break apart long chains of water-insoluble proteins. The remains are smaller, water-soluble components. The enzymes encourage water to target the proteins, freeing and lifting dirt from the carpet. Additionally, just a small quantity of this organic compound boasts better results than large amounts of any manmade chemicals! This limits the number of disinfectants in a household, allowing families to enjoy a clean, beautiful home without worrying about any health hazards. Don’t jeopardize your family’s health; Call Beach & Beyond Carpet Care Virginia Beach today at (757) 286-5544!

Carpet Cleaning Sure has Changed Over the Years! But Check Out These Old-Fashioned Tricks

If you asked your grandmother how to remove different types of stains from your carpet, she may give you some pretty wild ideas. Some of these old-school cleaning tactics work quite well, but, as you can imagine, don’t come close to modern truck-mounted deep extraction methods. They include:

  • Tea leaves and cut grass to clean wooden floors and to collect dust from carpets and upholstery.
  • Ink used to be removed with lemons.
  • Oil was cleaned using white bread!
  • Ammonia and Chloroform was used extensively for acid discoloration.
  • Candle wax in carpet can be removed by putting a towel over the spot, then using a clothes iron on the towel until the wax has been absorbed into the towel
  • Club soda is still a popular way to remove stains from double-knit fabrics, but only after much elbow grease is also applied!

Carpet Cleaning Saves You Money!

Beach & Beyond Carpet Cleaning understands that every home and business owner is highly concerned with getting his or her operating expenses as close to $0 as possible. When considering to update the look of your carpets, and are thinking of whether carpet repair or carpet replacement is right for your home or business, consider this data on new carpet installation costs for a 214 sq. ft. area:

  • Cost of the new carpet itself…………………………………….$ 524.80
  • Cost of labor to install the new carpet……………………….$ 211.42
  • Job materials and supplies……………………………………….$ 48.08
  • Carpet equipment allowance……………………………………$ 40.50
  • Total…………………………………………………………………….$ 824.80

Check out these insanely high prices for carpet installation…replacing all of your carpets is an unnecessary expense! Contact us today for carpet cleaning at a much more reduced rate than new carpet installation! Our hours are flexible and we work around your busy schedule. We offer residential carpet cleaning for your home, as well as commercial services for your business.

Commercial Cleaning

Beach & Beyond carpet care also offers commercial carpet cleaning Virginia Beach, turning those dirty carpets at your place of business into soft, beautiful avenues for new clients. Our well trained technicians operate in a cost effective manner, always keeping your bottom line in mind. When your clients and partners visit your business, you’ll have that professional, pristine image. A dirty lobby or office area reflects poorly on your business and can make clients question your professionalism. Don’t let your business get to that point!

Carpet Repairs

Beach & Beyond Carpet Care doesn’t just clean carpets, we also offer tips and carpet repair services for all our customers. Repairing your carpet is an affordable option instead of completely replacing your carpet. But be warned! There are some serious complications that can occur if you choose to repair the carpet yourself. Experienced carpet cleaners can prevent delicate fibers from being damaged. Curious about more problems that can arise from D I Y carpet cleaning? Wonder why professional cleaning beats the at-home version? Click this: A warning to homeowners cleaning their own carpets. Let us examine your carpets then present you with a list of options that will help you keep your home looking amazing without breaking that budget! Some of the most popular carpet repairs we perform are:

  • Re-stretching: Having ripples in your carpet can pose a safety hazard for your family. We will have a professional re-stretch your carpet to make it ripple-free.
  • Carpet Rips and Tears: We are highly experienced in repairing the damage caused by pets and normal wear and tear. So don’t worry! You can keep your pet and still have a nice carpet!
  • Repairing Cigarette Burns: Having unsightly burn spots can distract from an otherwise beautiful carpet. Beach & Beyond Carpet Care can remove any burn spots you may have.

We handle any cleaning needs, big or small, residential and commercial! If you need a Virginia Beach carpet cleaning company give us a call!


Different Popular Carpet Types

  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic

Here at Beach and Beyond Carpet Care we are capable of clean, repairing, and installing any carpet of your choice.


New Carpet Installation

While we here at Beach & Beyond pride ourselves on being your local carpet cleaning experts, some carpets are just too far gone to be cleaned and refurbished. When a carpet reaches this point, it’s time to replace it. Beach & Beyond Carpet Care offers new carpet installation at competitive pricing. Just give us a call. We have plenty of neutral color options, as well as more fashionable patterns that home and business owners can use to customize the look and feel of their rooms.

Carpet Cleaning

We recommend clicking
here to schedule a cleaning Twice A Year as a best practice for health considerations due to the problems associated with indoor air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency has listed Indoor Air Pollution as one of the top 5 environmental health risks.



Problems Associated with Indoor Air Pollution

  • Molds are fungi that love moist, damp living spots. Unfortunately, this often means your carpet is a potential haven for these unwanted guests. Wet spots, left unchecked, whether on carpet, tile, or somewhere else in the house, can be home to a variety of types of molds that can cause allergic reactions and even poisoning. Obviously, this is a serious concern that warrants experienced cleaners. At Beach & Beyond Cleaners we can take of this issue for your home or office.
  • Pollen may also incur bouts of sneezing along with other adverse reactions. Pollen is usually tracked into the house by its inhabitants’ shoes and clothing.
  • Tobacco smoke may accumulate on the furniture and other areas of your house. Tobacco smoke has known carcinogens and, besides just the awful odor, is potentially deadly to humans.
  • A house’s building materials may also contribute to unhealthy living, including things like asbestos.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

One of the biggest parts of creating a pristine, professional and productive working environment is having a clean carpet. Carpet has now replaced hardwood floors as the number one floor covering in the commercial setting.

For More Information On  Commercial Carpet Cleaning Click Here .

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning and care, can be a very delicate and expensive process. This is mainly because the rug, is a very important part of a room. It is one of the most used features as well, because it is almost always in constant use in the home. Family members could be running on it barefoot, lying on it, spill things on it.

For More Information On Rug Cleaning Click Here.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning provides many major positive benefits to your home or commercial setting. Not only is steam cleaning free of harsh chemicals, but the “steam” from the steam cleaner has been proven to kill 99% of common household bacteria and germs such as, staph, E.Coli, salmonella  as well as bed bugs and dust mites.

For More Information On Steam Cleaning Click Here.

Chem Dry Cleaning

Chem Dry Cleaning is a very unique and effective carpet cleaning Virginia Beach  method. It is very easy for dirt, mold and other various particles to accumulate in your carpets.

For More Information On Chem Dry Cleaning Click Here.

Green Carpet Cleaning

The chemicals used in our normal carpet cleaning procedures are effective and virtually hazard-free. They are designed to destroy bacteria and other living and non-living substances that cause your carpet wear and tear.

For More Information On Green Carpet Cleaning Click Here .

Stain Removal

Stain Removal  is a must when it comes to having a clean carpet or clean upholstered furniture. Because if you have children or pets, then eventually you are going to need to deal with the accidental stains on your rugs, carpet or furniture.

For More Information On Stain Removal Click Here .

Carpet Protection

Having carpet in your home can add to the rooms overall feel and look. Millions of households across the country have carpet in more than one room. This is mainly because it is cozy, comfortable and can really spruce up the rooms look.

For More Information On Carpet Protection Click Here .

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