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Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach


Shag rugs have there on distinctive aesthetic and appearance. They were originally closely identified with the fashion and culture of the 1960’s. Although with the ensuing years, the popularity of the shag rug has declined. But recently, they have experienced a resurgence. Shag rug cleaning Virginia Beach is a must when wanting your shag rug to be the distinct and unique floor piece that it is meant to be. Here at Beach and Beyond, we believe in providing our loyal customers with the best shag rug cleaning Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads area.

Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach


About Shag Rugs


There are various theories on the origin of the shag rug, Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach , but there is not one agreed upon theory for its true origin. One of the proposed theories are that shag rugs are thought to be originated in Central Asia and the Middle East. They were used in modest homes as well as royal palaces. Another theory of the origins of the shag rug, is that it dates all the way back to Ancient Greece. It is thought to believe by some that shag rugs were first made from goat hair and was used as the first rugs used in the beginning of humanity.


Shag rugs are made from what is called a deep pile. A deep pile is a fabric that rises above the surface and is made of yarn loops. These yarn loops are

what gives the rug its haggard, loose and shaggy appearance. Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach , The materials that make up shag rugs can vary from wool to cotton to leather. They also come in various sizes, colors and shapes.

shag rug cleaning

Popularity in American Culture

In the 1960’s, shag rugs became quite prominent in american culture. Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach , The comfortable appearance paired with its unorthodox and varied colors, is probably what made become such a household item in america within that time period. Because of its sudden prominence in the 60’s, shag rugs are often closely associated with that time period and is also viewed as a symbol of the hippie era.


The shag carpet has had a prominent resurgence within recent years. It remained dormant for several decades following the 60’s. But its brand new found reemergence has allowed it to have a new life. Shag rugs are no longer pigeon holed into just a relic from the 60’s. They are now being found in furniture stores and inventories all over America. When placed in the right situation, shag rugs can add complimenting element to a previously dull room.


shag rug cleaning


How to Clean a Shag Rug

How often should I clean my shag rug?

Yearly. Shag rug cleaning should be professionally done on s yearly basis. This is important because dirt and other particles can easily become lodged within the loops of the rug. Shag Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach , In order to keep your shag rug clean and dust mite free, get it professionally cleaned at least once every year.

What is the best stain treatment for shag rugs?

There are various rug treatments that can be bought in stores. But one of the best shag rug carpet stain removal solutions can be created by items that you probably already have in your home. White vinegar and water, when blended together equally  acts as a great stain removing agent. Pour over the stain. Wait for a couple of minutes, then wipe up.

Can I vacuum my shag rug?

Yes. But there is a specific way that you must go about. If you try and vacuum your shag rug regularly, then you could cause snags and matting. Instead, flip over the rig and vacuum it with the attachment. By doing this, you will be suctioning the back of the rug which will cause the dirt to fall out from the other side. By doing this, it will also leave your rug fluffy and easier to treat stains.


shag rug cleaning


Our Cleaning Process

At Beach and Beyond, we know that every cleaning companies project is always a unique situation. That is why we conduct an analysis of your area rug(s), noticing any heavy-soiled and high-traffic areas that need special attention! We determine what cleaning solution is best for your area rug, and combine it with our equipment to produce the best results.

Our carpet cleaning equipment process is gentle and customized to your specific rug cleaning needs, and we renew yourarea rug on-site. We will use our proven hot water extraction method when cleaning your rug, so it will be safe for your kids or your pets (or both at the same time if they’re toddlers!)

Let’s explain the hot water extraction method in detail for a moment, which is a method we use in area rug cleaning. Typically referred to as “oriental rug cleaning ,” the process begins with putting down pre-conditioning chemicals, especially focusing on soiled areas of the carpet. Then, we use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine that can heat water up to 300 degrees! This water is mixed with a cocktail of carpet cleaning chemicals which are shot through a system of hoses until it reaches your carpet (or rug, etc.). When this hot liquid hits the carpet, that’s when the “steam” sound is made, while the vacuum machine is gently rubbing the fibers of the carpet and cleaning them. Lastly, the cleaning machine rinses the pre-conditioner from the carpet.

The end result of our proven hot water extraction method?

  • Residential, it means that you and your family can enjoy the rooms of your home more, knowing that your carpets are clean and soft.
  • Commercially, it could mean more business, as customers validate your professionalism through your clean place of business

Our area rug cleaning service is good for any type of carpet stain remover rug fiber and pile height, from commercial floor coverings to shag length rugs, so no matter what your rug cleaning needs are in the Virginia Beach area, we can handle them.

Area Rug Cleaning

The Majesty of Oriental Rugs – A Quick History

Carpet as we know it today, as a soft wall-to-wall covering with padding underneath, is a fairly recent invention. The luxury that we know as carpeting began as soft coverings taking up much smaller areas (hence the term “area rug”),

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