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Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach

Persian rugs are a fantastic addition to any room. Not only do they have a rich and storied history, they also add a sense of elegance and sophistication. Persian rugs can be very expensive and delicate. That is why it is very important that you clean and care for your persian contemporary area rug in the most effective way possible. Regular professional maintenance is very important when it comes to ensuring that your persian rug isn’t being damaged. That is why, here at Beach and Beyond, we believe in providing our customers with the most reliable persian rug cleaning Virginia Beach service in the Hampton Roads area.

Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach

The History of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs have a very long and storied history. They were used by tribesman as coverings for floor entrances as protection from the cold. In later years, kings and nobleman would use persian rugs as a form of wealth and prosperity.  In museums, palaces, famous buildings and rich homes, persian carpets and rugs are their most prized possessions. Persian Rugs (or oriental rugs) were 1st used by nomads to cover the floors in their tents. Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach . Although these are the origins of the persian rugs it is not known who actually invented them.

 Art of Carpet Weaving

The art of carpet weaving can be traced back to ancient times in Iran. According to various experts, the first major evidence Persian rugs can be traced back to the Achaemenid period in early 500 BC. These rugs came from Chinese texts that can be dated back to the Sassanid period 224-641 CE. Cyrus the Great was one of the first kings that were documented having a plethora of decorated rugs in his courts called the Achaemenian.

Advanced carpet oriental weavers were first used in the making of pazyrk carpet. This type of carpet is considered one of the oldest carpets in the world. It is characterized by its rich red color and its wide outer borders. One side has a depiction of a Persian horseman and the other side has a depiction of a deer. It is believed that Pazyrk carpets were not made from nomads, instead it is thought to be made from members of the Achaemenian courts.Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach . By the turn of the 6th century, Persian carpets and rugs were known and renowned all throughout the Middle East.


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How Persian Rugs Are Made

The dyes that are found in Persian rugs are natural. They are made from various plant materials such as pomegranate, cochineal, larkspur, oak, indigo, and madder. In the late 1800’s these materials were the only sources that could be used for dyes. When synthetic dyes were invented, the debate began about which source of dye produced the best results. Synthetic dyes last much longer than natural dye but natural dye tends to be the most sought after choice.

Knots and weaves:

When considering the value of a Persian rug, there a multitude of factors that must be considered. Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach . A few of those factors include, design, dyes, the carpet, the material used, and the size and amounts of knots. The density of the knots are one of the most important indicators of the quality of the rug. The way that they are measured is by counting the amount of knots per inch along the length of the rug as well as the number of knots along the width of the rug. After the knots have been counted, multiply the both of them and that will equal the number of knots per sq. inch.


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Our Cleaning Process

At Beach and Beyond, we know that every cleaning project is always a unique situation.Persian Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach . That is why we conduct an analysis of your area rug(s), noticing any heavy-soiled and high-traffic areas that need special attention! We determine what cleaning solution is best for your area rug, and combine it with our equipment to produce the best results.

Our carpet cleaning equipment process is gentle and customized to your specific rug cleaning needs, and we renew your area rug on-site. We will use our proven hot water extraction method when cleaning your rug, so it will be safe for your kids or your pets (or both at the same time if they’re toddlers!)

Let’s explain the hot water extraction method in detail for a moment, which is a method we use in area rug cleaning. Typically referred to as “oriental rug cleaning ,” the process begins with putting down pre-conditioning chemicals, especially focusing on soiled areas of the carpet. Then, we use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine that can heat water up to 300 degrees! This water is mixed with a cocktail of carpet cleaning chemicals which are shot through a system of hoses until it reaches your carpet (or rug, etc.). When this hot liquid hits the carpet, that’s when the “steam” sound is made, while the vacuum machine is gently rubbing the fibers of the carpet and cleaning them. Lastly, the cleaning machine rinses the pre-conditioner from the carpet.


Area Rug Cleaning

The end result of our proven hot water extraction method?

  • Residential, it means that you and your family can enjoy the rooms of your home more, knowing that your carpets are clean and soft.
  • Commercially, it could mean more business, as customers validate your professionalism through your clean place of business

Our area rug cleaning service is good for any type of carpet stain remover rug fiber and pile height, from commercial floor coverings to shag length rugs, so no matter what your rug cleaning needs are in the Virginia Beach area, we can handle them.

Area Rug Cleaning

The Majesty of Oriental Rugs – A Quick History

Carpet as we know it today, as a soft wall-to-wall covering with padding underneath, is a fairly recent invention. The luxury that we know as carpeting began as soft coverings taking up much smaller areas (hence the term “area rug”),

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