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Oriental Rug Cleaning Virginia beach


Oriental Rug Cleaning Process.

1. Drop of  the oriental rug at our oriental rug cleaning facilities , we do offer a pick up service if needed.

2. Vacuum the oriental rug cleaning Virginia beach thoroughly , making sure there are no hidden needles or any foreign objects stuck in the rug.

3. Our next step is first pre spraying the oriental rug with specifically designed oriental rug cleaning Virginia beach product which is made and formulated for cleaning oriental rugs.

4, Next using a rotovac  or a rugbadger  carpet cleaning machine we agitate all the dirt , stains and grime out on a special designed mat that will not damage the oriental rug cleaning.

5. Last is drying the oriental rug , either we will use a conventional rack or a specially designed  oriental rug cleaning,  spinning machine depending on how delicate the rug is .

6. This is the correct and professional way how to clean a rug .

Oriental Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Uses For Oriental Rug.

The Oriental rug can be traced back as far back as the 1800,s and was originally made in well you guessed it , the orient .  Originally hand made and woven and knotted from pile . The original purposes for these rugs were to protect peoples feet from flooring that was not always that pleasant to walk on bare foot . Oriental Rug Cleaning Virginia beach , having  splinters in your feet does not feel so pleasant . But it was also a sign of the more higher up on the income bracket if you had many of these rugs in your home , especially ones made from less available materials like cotton or wool rugs.



Knowing Your Oriental Rugs.

  • Know how oriental rugs are made , at one time all these rugs were made on a hand loom  sometimes called braided rugs using mainly cotton and wool , over time eventually they are mostly made with machines.
  • The main part of the rug is called the field which determines color and patterns. Some have frayed ends some do not.
  • Buy what you want but do you homework and research use Google and search things like manufacture , material and place of origin for the rug .
  • Just because a oriental rug is aged does not mean it is not very valuable , Oriental Rug Cleaning Virginia beach , sometime the history of a rug will determine its value. A rug is a antique once it is over 70 years old with proof.


Oriental Rug.


Ways To Save On Buying Your Oriental Rugs.

  1. Fabric , size, shape, thickness, and patterns are all different things that will determine the price of a oriental rug or sometimes called large area rugs .
  2. Whether it is a closed or open back decides how many and how tight the weaves are .
  3. A good way of determining the grade of the rug is to take your fingers and stick them in the weave to see how tight they are if the rug is present.
  4. Shopping online is also a way of saving money but you should check the background of any retailer you are buying from .
  5. Ask all the questions that we have supplied you and you should be just fine !

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Area Rug Cleaning

The Majesty of Oriental Rugs – A Quick History

Carpet as we know it today, as a soft wall-to-wall covering with padding underneath, is a fairly recent invention. The luxury that we know as carpeting began as soft coverings taking up much smaller areas (hence the term “area rug”),

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