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Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Area Rug Cleaning

The Majesty of Oriental Rugs – A Quick History

Carpet as we know it today, as a soft wall-to-wall covering with padding underneath, is a fairly recent invention. The luxury that we know as carpeting began as soft coverings taking up much smaller areas (hence the term “area rug”), and originated somewhere in the Orient, which means the far east. Wikipedia holds that the oldest rug in existence dates from the 5th-4th centuries B.C., and was found in modern-day Siberia during an excavation. The origin of rug-making is probably much older, though, circa 8th century B.C.

Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach

Area rugs were a sought-after commodity during a time when humankind knew few luxuries, and were handled and treated with great care and respect. Today, Beach & Beyond Carpet Care extends that tradition of placing emphasis on the gentle care and treatment of area rug cleaning. The fibers of these delicately woven tapestries require a great attention to detail and a cleaning technician with lots of experience to be cleaned properlyContact us today for a proper cleaning of your valued area rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach can be costly. But don’t make using a carpet shampooer  the mistake of permanently damaging your rugs by trying to clean them yourself or letting them lie there gathering dust. That would be for more costly. Many troubles threaten the health of your area rug:

  • Moths have been known to devour areas of Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach due to lack of vacuuming.
  • Dirt breaks down the tiny fibers in your rugs, causing uneven wear.
  • Your rug is also susceptible to “crushing,” an industry term meaning loss of carpet thickness due to foot traffic.
  • Wrinkles, ripples, and buckles can begin to show due to lack of stretching the material.
  • Indentations can form from the furniture which is resting on the carpet.
  • Without proper wet or chemdry  treatment, the sun can spoil the colors on your area rug.

Our Cleaning Process

At Beach and Beyond, we know that every cleaning Virginia Beach project is always a unique situation. That is why we conduct an analysis of your area rug(s), noticing any heavy-soiled and high-traffic areas that need special attention! We determine what cleaning solution is best for your area rug, and combine it with our equipment to produce the best results.

Our rug cleaning Virginia beach process is gentle and customized to your specific rug cleaning needs, and we renew your area rug on-site. We will use our proven hot water extraction method when cleaning your rug, so it will be safe for your kids or your pets (or both at the same time if they’re toddlers!)

Let’s explain the hot water extraction method in detail for a moment, Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach which is a method we use in area rug cleaning. Typically referred to as “oriental rug cleaning ,” the process begins with putting down pre-conditioning chemicals, especially focusing on soiled areas of the carpet. Then, we use a truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine that can heat water up to 300 degrees! This water is mixed with a cocktail of carpet cleaning chemicals which are shot through a system of hoses until it reaches your carpet (or rug, etc.). When this hot liquid hits the carpet, that’s when the “steam” sound is made, while the vacuum machine is gently rubbing the fibers of the carpet and cleaning them. Lastly, the cleaning machine rinses the pre-conditioner from the carpet.


Area Rug Cleaning


The end result of our proven hot water extraction method?

  • Residential, it means that you and your family can enjoy the rooms of your home more, knowing that your carpets are clean and soft.
  • Commercially, it could mean more business, as customers validate your professionalism through your clean place of business

Our Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach service is good for any type of carpet stain remover rug fiber and pile height, from commercial floor coverings to shag length rugs, so no matter what your rug cleaning needs are in the Virginia Beach area, we can handle them.


Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process.

1. Drop of  the oriental rug at our oriental rug cleaning facilities , Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach we do offer a pick up service if needed.

2. Vacuum the oriental rug cleaning thoroughly , making sure there are no hidden needles or any foreign objects stuck in the rug.’

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Shag Rug Cleaning

Shag rugs have there on distinctive aesthetic and appearance. They were originally closely identified with the fashion and culture of the 1960’s.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are a fantastic addition to any room. Not only do they have a rich and storied history, they also add a sense of elegance and sophistication. Persian rugs can be very expensive and delicate.

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Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique rugs can add a level of sophistication and beauty to any room. Unfortunately, an antique rug has not been routinely maintained and cleaned, can cause the rug to become dirty and dull.

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Area Rug Cleaning Virginia Beach
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