Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach

Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach

We Beach And Beyond Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers to have your Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months. Even if you vacuum regularly and do spot treatments with store-bought products, the soil, dust, and pet dander trapped deep down in the fibers will accumulate and damage your carpet.The wear and tear of every day life, along with spills and stains, can permanently ruin your carpet fibers.

One good reason to get your Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach is Dust Mites…

House Dust may contain fibers from different types of fabric, cotton lint, feathers, and other stuffing materials. Dandruff from cats, dogs and animal bacteria, mold and fungus spores especially in damp areas, food particles, insects and other allergens peculiar to an individual home.

House dust also contains microscopic mites..So-called house dust is a varied mixture of potentially allergenic materials. Dust mite allergy usually produces symptoms similar to pollen allergy and also can produce symptoms of asthma. They thrive in summer and die in the winter months. In a warm humid house, however, they can continue to thrive even in cold weather. These waste products that are proteins actually provoke the allergic reaction. These are mites that live in bedding, Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach , carpets. The particles seen floating in a shaft of sunlight includes, dead dust mites and their waste products!

Hot Water Deep Cleaning is the only environmentally and friendly way that we know how to get rid of the mites..Ordinary vacuuming does not eradicate the mites or the allergens associated with mites Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach (although it does help). These critters are well equipped with suckers and barbs on their legs that enable them to cling on to the fibers in your upholstery and carpets making it nearly impossible to eradicate them.

Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach

Wet steam vacuuming is a proven way to get your Furniture Cleaning Virginia Beach their cleanest. The steam cleans all the way down to the backing of the carpets where the dirt resides deep between the fibers. Professionals come in and vacuum the entire carpeted area to be cleaned. We then pre treat all areas to be clean and notice if there are any problems areas that need additional attention. All of the dirt, residue and grime is then extracted using a truck mount and hose with water at 190 degrees. If you have opted to have sanitizer or stain guard applied to the area, we do this last.

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