Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

“Why have my carpets cleaned?”

After any Restoration job it is almost always necessary to have your carpets cleaned due to contaminants left behind. With your carpet left wet, mold and mildew spores will begin to grow. This will become a health hazard to your and or your family! Thus, it is advised to have your carpets cleaned. You do not have to use harsh and often toxic chemicals for your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach. There is a natural way to do it and it even cleans better. With my steam cleaning process your carpet is dry in one to two hours and those stains stay gone with no soil attracting residue left behind. So clean your carpet the natural way for you, your family and for your carpet. What’s Included? The following information will answer all of your Restoration Questions Virginia Beach.


What’s Included?

  • Pre-treating: Some cleaners actually charge for this. We pre-treat all of your carpet with our all natural carpet cleaner. The cleaner has no dangerous solvents, petrochemicals and no soap or detergent.
  • Light furniture moving: We move most furniture like chairs and end tables. We also move couches in living rooms and dens. We do not move electronics, dressers, beds, sectionals, etc.
  • Extraction: Using a powerful 31 horsepower truck mounted cleaning unit for your rug cleaning, we thoroughly rinse the carpet with fresh water. Our cleaning unit is capable of heating the water to 230 degrees with vacuum power strong enough to leave it only slightly damp.
  • Drying: We use a powerful drying fan to speed up the drying process and leave your carpets dry to the touch in just 2 hours in most cases. No more waiting days for your carpet to dry.
  • Spot cleaning: We do a final walk through of your home and make sure that we have not missed any spots for your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach .

Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach

How does your process work?
After a thorough pre-vacuuming, I apply an all natural cleaner. The cleaner is solvent free, detergent free, soap free and free of petrochemicals. It safely breaks down and absorbs the soil. This natural cleaner is then rinsed with 230 degree water with a truck mounted steam cleaning unit. The high powered Rug Cleaning unit is capable of extracting almost all of the moisture and combined with high powered drying fans I am able to get the carpets dry in only 1-2 hours.

Why is it important to use a truck mounted unit?
Some cleaners use portable rug cleaning units that they bring into your home. They are loud and underpowered resulting in a poor cleaning with poor drying times. With truck mounted units you get much more vacuum and much more heat and all I have to bring into your home is two hoses. All of the noisy parts stay outside.

Why doesn’t everyone use truck mounted units?
That is an easy question. It is because they are expensive. For the price of one truck mounted rug cleaning unit another company could buy more than fifteen portable units. I feel they are worth the expense because they provide you with a much better cleaning job.

What’s included in your price?
There are never any hidden charges for your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach. All prices include vacuuming, light furniture moving, pre-treating and spotting.

Is there a soapy residue?
No, my cleaning product contains no soaps or detergents. This means that your Carpet Cleaning Virginia Beach will not re-soil rapidly. It also means that your carpets are left with a softer feel.

After my last cleaning spots come back, can you prevent this?
I give you a 14 day guarantee so if spots come back so do I. Most of the time recurring spots are caused by the cleaner using too much soap/detergent or too much pressure. I do neither of those things.

How long does it take to dry?
Carpets are dry in only 1-2 hours for your carpet cleaning in most cases. Some times in as little as 30 minutes.

Is there an odor?
No, my product is completely odor free. Perfect for allergy sufferers. No toxic solvents or detergents.


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