Carpet Cleaning In Virginia Beach

Carpet Cleaning In Virginia Beach

Is it time to get your carpets cleaned ? Do you live in Virginia Beach Va? How about your tile cleaning or your mattress ? Has Fido been wiping his booty across your nice area rugs ? Lol !  Deep carpet and rug cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis. According to this article from CNN “At Least” once a year. Same with your Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning, at least once a year ! Now considering all those nasty little bed bugs you should clean that mattress every 6 months . Those little itchy feelings that you get in the middle of the night might not just be dry skin, Yikes ! As owning a carpet cleaning company we at Beach And beyond Carpet  can clean everything from you carpets, area rugs, mattress, your furniture and you auto upholstery .


Carpet Cleaning In Virginia Beach

Now your pets, and we know we all love our pets, they are one of the family, but they are like have a army of babies ! They like to ” And I personally think they do it on purpose” throw up on the carpet, floor,  and the occasionally the projectile vomiting across the living room. Because of the pet dander that any animal has with fur it can be a risk to humans. We can breath it in because it is floating through air. People who are especially sensitive to allergic reactions can be highly at risk. Causing skin irritation and breathing issues.


Carpet Cleaning In Virginia Beach



Poop, poop, poop, yes POOP ! Poop everywhere, according to this article here are some ways to do your own poop cleaning when Fido has a accident in your house. But please try to keep in mind no matter how hard they give you the sad puppy eyes do not give them your leftovers from your Mexican dinner ! And if all else fails please call Beach And Beyond Carpet Care to come out and help you get those carpets cleaned !



Carpet Cleaning In Virginia Beach

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

One of the biggest parts of creating a pristine, professional and productive working environment is having a clean carpet. Carpet has now replaced hardwood floors as the number one floor covering in the commercial setting.

For More Information On  Commercial Carpet Cleaning Click Here .

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning and care, can be a very delicate and expensive process. This is mainly because the rug, is a very important part of a room. It is one of the most used features as well, because it is almost always in constant use in the home. Family members could be running on it barefoot, lying on it, spill things on it.

For More Information On Rug Cleaning Click Here.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning provides many major positive benefits to your home or commercial setting. Not only is steam cleaning free of harsh chemicals, but the “steam” from the steam cleaner has been proven to kill 99% of common household bacteria and germs such as, staph, E.Coli, salmonella  as well as bed bugs and dust mites.

For More Information On Steam Cleaning Click Here.

Chem Dry Cleaning

Chem Dry Cleaning is a very unique and effective carpet cleaning Virginia Beach  method. It is very easy for dirt, mold and other various particles to accumulate in your carpets.

For More Information On Chem Dry Cleaning Click Here.

Green Carpet Cleaning

The chemicals used in our normal carpet cleaning procedures are effective and virtually hazard-free. They are designed to destroy bacteria and other living and non-living substances that cause your carpet wear and tear.

For More Information On Green Carpet Cleaning Click Here .

Stain Removal

Stain Removal  is a must when it comes to having a clean carpet or clean upholstered furniture. Because if you have children or pets, then eventually you are going to need to deal with the accidental stains on your rugs, carpet or furniture.

For More Information On Stain Removal Click Here .

Carpet Protection

Having carpet in your home can add to the rooms overall feel and look. Millions of households across the country have carpet in more than one room. This is mainly because it is cozy, comfortable and can really spruce up the rooms look.

For More Information On Carpet Protection Click Here .

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